Our Process

Gearbox CreativeOur Process

The Gearbox Creative Workflow Process

In the Beginning

Phase 1

Our planning begins before we even meet potential clients. We research, analyse and determine the needs of each build. We then meet with the client and help them to decipher the digisphere in a way that is specific to their unique needs. We firmly believe that building a relationship with the client is often more important that the development we do for them. A happy supplier/client relationship makes for a happy site!

Briefings and Wireframes

Phase 2

We base the scope of the project on a brief from the client. With this brief we are able to define the milestones of the project and create a wireframe of the site design. With this wireframe in place, we are then able to continue with the full development of the project.


The Development

Phase 3

Here the magic truly begins. We build the site as per the clients' needs and ideas. Our team of wordsmiths will craft some of the most magical copy to complement the technical wonders, user interface and user experience. It is in this phase that we implement the core ideas of multimodal interface development to make sure that your site is in the top 1% of sites globally.

The Final Product

Phase 4

It is in this phase that we hand over the baby that we have been gestated to the client. From this phase on we will then renegotiate our agreement with the client to cement the relationship that we have built up with the client.

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