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Grammar Checker

A Grammar Checker Worth Checking Out

When English isn’t your first language (and sometimes even when it is) a reliable grammar checker should always be your right-hand companion. However, choosing that special one, that one you can truly trust to get it right, isn’t always the easiest task. Don’t fret though because this post will be your own little speed date with our favourite suitor, Grammarly.

Grammar Checker


When it comes to grammar checking software you can’t go wrong with Grammarly. It hands down surpasses any other programme we’ve tested thus far. It’s extremely user-friendly, accurate and even helps you improve your writing ability by sending through reports on the type of errors you make regularly when writing. Moreover, it doesn’t just show you what your writing flaws are, but also motivates you. Stats comparing your writing ability to other Grammarly users pushes you to become The Ultimate Writer.

Grammar Checker


Grammarly has both a free and a paid version. Although the free version limits you to some extent, it does just fine for the average Joe who tends to make basic English errors. It even detects missing commas without a problem – the punctuation mark that most writers forget to include in their writing. If you think that Microsoft Word spell check is good enough, then … well, unfortunately it’s just not. Don’t believe us? Run a test by typing out a document in Word and allow its spell check to help with error correction. Then upload that same document into the free Grammarly tool and see everything Word has missed. Next, once you’ve done yourself that favour, share your comments with us…. Is Word’s spell check enough?


Grammarly is user-friendly and will assist you on numerous platforms. You even have the option to download the app on your phone for when you are on the move.

With Grammarly, you’ll receive assistance in writing e-mails with improved grammar and it will also help you check anything typed on the web via a browser extension download. When Grammarly find errors in your writing an explanation for the error you’ve made is provided. You are then presented with possible better ways of phrasing your sentences. Finally, you also have the option to ignore any corrections they suggest you to make by selecting the ignore function when you’re right and you know it – after all it does become rather a pain when you regularly type unique names (such as Grammarly!) and see red error markers everywhere.

Grammar Checker


There is one major downfall: price. Grammarly’s premium version is a little on the expensive side and for that reason loses half a point on the Gearbox Creative score card. The premium version offers you much more assistance in your writing. For example, they provide you with advanced error types that you can then fix. In contrast, using the free version you are constantly reminded of the fact that your writing still isn’t quite without flaw as those advanced errors aren’t corrected. This can be annoying as the premium version is expensive and, at that price, is of little benefit to someone who doesn’t write every day.

There are 4 payment plans that you can choose from: monthly, quarterly or annual payments as well as the business plan. The fourth plan, Grammarly’s business plan, gives small business a boost with a special discount if you have 3 or more people signed up with Grammarly.

Final Rating

Grammarly received an overall Gearbox Creative rating of 4.5.
Need we say more?

Grammar Checker

When a Grammar Checker Just Won’t Cut It

Although Grammarly easily seems like the best solution out there it still isn’t perfect. At the end of the day, the tool can’t replace the human eye and the human mind. Yes, it might have all of those processors that easily find errors, but (like all AI) it can, and does, sometimes miss the context of your content. Context is key, so if you’re looking for that professional edge, your best bet would be to contact the professionals. Gearbox Creative guarantees more accuracy in copywriting and proofreading than any grammar checker out there could ever offer. Allow us to decipher your digisphere.

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