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what3words: Revolutionising Locations – Kick it Google Maps


This company is revolutionising the concept of location. It is no longer necessary to rely on complicated GPS coordinates to find a specific address. You now need only three words to find any point on a world map. what3words has divided up the world into 3m x 3m grids and has randomly assigned three unique words to each one of these grids. This system allows users to share their location more quickly, more easily and with far less ambiguity than traditional systems. “Wherever you are, there is a 3 word address, whether it’s in a forest, a park, or the middle of the ocean.”

Traditional GPS Systems Work Just Fine – Don’t They?

Well, no – actually the traditional GPS systems aren’t as infallible as we may think. Consider the following: in America alone there are 10,466 roads named Main Street. Interestingly, this isn’t even the most commonly used road name. In fact, Second Street is the most frequently used street name. South Africa has its fair share of Main and Second Streets too. That’s just two countries. what3words is a global mapping system. Imagine how many Second Streets there are internationally… and that just covers the addresses that are named. According to what3words, “around 75% of the world suffers from inconsistent, complicated, no or poor addressing systems. In total 4 billion people around the world don’t have an address”. Still think that traditional systems don’t need a revamp?

Using Three Words Seems a Strange System

If you are wondering why the company uses three words (rather than one, two or four) the answer is statistical. In terms of word length, the shortest words are four letters long. The longest words are up to eighteen letters in length. These words are reserved for more remote locations, while shorter, common words are used in cities and other more populated areas. Similar sounding words are spaced far apart to prevent confusion. To find out more about how the what3words system works, click here.

what3words Describe Your Address?

To find out which three words describe your address, click on this link. Type your full address into the search block, press enter and see your three-word address in the red footer. Gearbox Creative’s three-word address is unwind.snores.pebbles. Look us up!

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