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Driving Business Blog Engagement in 10 Easy Steps

This is a synopsis of 10 Advanced Strategies for Driving Business Blog Engagement by Aaron Agius.

Giving your Business Blog a Boost

Your blog is an extension of your business. So, make sure to give your readers only your best work. Anything less will reflect poorly on both you and on your brand. When in doubt go for quality over quantity and remember that genuine reader engagement comes to those who earn it. Here are Agius’s top ten tips to improving your business blog engagement levels:

1: Understand your audience and what they want

This may sound obvious, but knowing your target audience is key. Once done, be sure to also find out exactly what your audience wants to know about your industry. There are a number of different survey and polling tools that can help you in this regard.

2: Build better headlines

These capture your audience long before the content of your blog. According to research while eight out of ten people will read the headline, only two of those will continue reading the article. Make those headlines exceptional.

3: Track the trends

Writer’s block? Use industry-related topics that are already trending to kick-start your blog content. Do a keyword search or use Google, Facebook or Twitter trends to stay up-to-date.

4: Links

Add internal links to previous posts as well as outgoing links to other sites that are relevant to your industry. People will click on them.

5: Talk to them

This very simple tip is often overlooked. Ask your audience questions, invite shares and encourage readers to leave comments – and then make sure comments are easy to post.

6: Go the extra mile

This tip is an extension of number three. Having discovered those topics that already trending, the next task is to build on them. Make them more visual, informative, current … do what is needed to improve them and then reap the rewards.

7: Promote and re-promote

Sharing your posts – once – on social media is just the first step. You now need to share them again … and again. Agius suggests sharing your posts twice on the first day, and then once daily over the next few days.

8: A plugin for all seasons

A well-chosen plugin – of which there are 48,000 for WordPress – can be all that is needed to improve your engagement level.

9: Build a community

Create a community of readers. Install a plugin such as BuddyPress and give your readers the power to communicate with each other as well as with you.

10: Give a little to get a lot

Create a contest or a giveaway. Yes, there is a plugin for that.

For more detail read the original article.

Source: 10 Advanced Strategies for Driving Business Blog Engagement

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