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Who Is Gearbox Creative & What Do We Do?

Gearbox Creative is a digital agency, specialising in bringing clients into the digisphere through web development, design, and kickass digital copywriting, in order to expand their businesses.
Gearbox Creative’s web developers not only build custom sites, but can also create fully functional eCommerce stores. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services ensure that newly-constituted websites are ranked in Google searches. Our copywriting and editing department creates original content for your blogs, as well as producing professional business documents, such as company profiles. Projects requiring design, brand creation or photographic work are outsourced to trusted providers.


Gearbox Creative has two primary aspects in which we excel.

We are specialists in web development. Using advanced Content Management Systems (CMS) we create visually appealing sites as well as ensuring simple navigation throughout the site. Using these CMS we build both corporate and eCommerce stores. These include simple, single-product shops all the way up to stores with over 5,000 items. We also build custom User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) frontend platforms using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

The second pillar of our business is crafting digital copy that is both informative and also, more importantly, SEO compliant. Good, SEO-compliant copy ensures that your company is represented in the best light while at the same time ranking highly in Google searches.

Primary Pillars

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Secondary Pillars

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The Cogs that Run the Machine


Andrew Royal

Managing Director

Tracy Royal

Operations Manager

David du Plooy

Design and Copywriter
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